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Performance UAV is a new company, specialising in Drone technologies and workflows that help make Drones practical in the real world.

Based in Switzerland, we specialise in the following areas:

1. Payload systems
In particular, we use Electro-permanent magnets to make the most reliable, and questionably the most powerful and adaptable drone payload system on the market. We designed this originally for Search and Rescue teams to deliver emergency packs to Flood and landslide victims, but now it’s available to the public. We also design stabilised spotlights, extreme weather modifications, and other useful function for our professional clients. We also design payloads to specification, and look forward to assisting you.

2. Drone design
We don’t manufacture; we design, build and consult on drones to perform specific mission functions for professional operators. We perform some of the toughest testing you can do, with the aim of ensuring every one of our designs meets and exceeds the original design brief. This is valuable skill, as we prefer to design an aircraft around the payload, not the other way round. And there is no vapourware here; we only work with technologies that actually on or coming to the market.

3. DroneZone.
We are currently developing a software platform for Drone operators and customers to help start the commercial drone revolution, by making it easy for operators and customer to hook up. It is A portal that brings together drone operators and clients by matching a clients requirement to an operator based on particular skill, and importantly geographic location and status . It provides the secure environment for contractual exchange , provides UAV’s and operators that are compliant and have met the minimum required standard (guarantees required by the client), and includes feedback from previous clients . We will even provide our own certification program (aligned to international standards and accepted good practice) for countries that have no official certification.

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